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Scala renames, re-launches digital-signage-scheduling software

EXTON, Pa. — Scala, provider of end-to-end connected-signage software, has announced the renaming of its media-management solution, Charting Pro, to Ad Manager.

According to a news release, the decision to change the name to follows the company’s acquisition of MISA and Charting Pro.

“Ad Manager has a nice ring to it,” said Robert Koolen, president of Scala. “Charting Pro was a great name, but it was geared more toward traditional signage. As the traditional outdoor-advertising world adds digital signage to its inventory, we chose a name to better reflect the scope of the product, and to appeal to a broader audience.”

Ad Manager is designed to simplify out-of-home advertising campaigns. Users can place contracts, leases, invoicing, proof of performance and maintenance in one system using one contract. Users will be able to integrate their digital and traditional signage ad campaigns and manage them from a central application.