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Scala lands deal with petroleum giant StatoilHydro

EXTON, Pa. —Scala, a provider of end-to-end digital signage software, has announced that StatoilHydro has chosen Scala to link their petrol stations with a digital signage network in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.
StatoilHydro is an integrated technology-based international energy company primarily focused on upstream oil and gas operations. Ranked No. 70 on the Fortune 500 list StatoilHydro is the 13th largest petroleum company in the world.
The agreement between Scala and StatoilHydro finalizes an effort to develop a digital Petrol Station Network through the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The Petrol Station Network is the cornerstone of a digital media concept conceived by the company to support current and future requirements for distribution and sharing of digital information across the Petrol Station Network in each country.
StatoilHydro has already started deploying its digital Petrol Station Network. Its network has a potential of 1500 Statoil-branded service stations. The deployment is starting in Norway, Denmark and Sweden with content that will be delivered over the Internet to each Statoil station.
The digital signage network will be used to engage customers in the convenience store area of the stations by providing them with relevant information including news and weather, and will also be used as digital menu boards to display food and beverage options provided at each location.