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Scala announces digital network deal with Tokyo's largest consumer electronics store

TOKYO — Scala, a provider of end-to-end solutions for the connected signage market, has announced it is working with Tokyo’s largest retail consumer electronics store to deploy YodobiTV Network.

Since its founding in 1960, Yodobashi Camera has expanded from a specialist camera store into a large consumer electronics enterprise with an ever-widening product range that includes PCs, office automation equipment, digital and film cameras, audio and video equipment, electric appliances for the home, watches, communications equipment, and computer games and software.
To present a better customer experience, Yodobashi Camera, with the help of Vanten — a Scala Certified Partner — conceived YodobiTV, a digital information network that would provide a medium for advertisers to target customers at the point of sale, provide a solution to enhance the display of timely promotions throughout the store, be visually in sync with printed POP materials and respond to changes in the marketing strategy that could change in as little as 24 hours.
To represent Yodobashi Camera’s high-tech, quality image, content on YodobiTV must be high-definition and high production quality. The solution to Yodobashi’s requirement for a YodobiTV was the deployment of Vanten’s EngageMedia digital signage solution based on Scala InfoChannel.
Positioned at strategic locations in the store, 46-inch LCD screens, in portrait mode, are deployed encompassing high traffic areas of the store. Content, managed and provided by Vanten, is coordinated with the existing EngageMedia system running the outdoor 10 meter x 3 meter LED Yodobashi-vision screen. This coordination ensures the message is consistent throughout the store. Coordination between the in-store network and the outdoor screen allows Yodobashi to make real-time changes to accommodate in-store promotions.
“Yodobashi and Vanten are setting a new standard for in-store media with YodobiTV,” said Neil van Wouw, chief executive of Vanten K.K.