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Ryarc digital signage software powers Neutron Ind. corporate communications

SYDNEY, Australia — Ryarc has announced that its digital signage software has been selected by Neutron Industries, a Phoenix-based cleaning product company, to power their national sales team and improve overall communications.  Deployed at two sites with a total of 13 screens and expansion plans for their warehousing and executive offices, Ryarc software will be fully integrated into Neutron Industries by the end of this year.  Neutron will use the software to provide real-time sales projections, productivity assessments, weather and traffic reports as well as an internal communication tool to drive staff motivation.
Ryarc’s CampaignManager will aid in the future growth plans of Neutron industries, allowing for the company to stay dynamic and focused on its goals, while providing the flexibility that the company needs in order to make digital signage work for them. 
“All of Neutron’s sales figures are entered via touch screen into a database which is then queried via a Web browser and displayed in real time using Ryarc CampaignManager,” said Nathan Schnell, head of Information Services at Neutron Industries. “Sales totals are calculated automatically and management is provided with real time sales projections. Productivity assessments are also made in real time and are displayed using CampaignManager.”
The CampaignManager digital signage software and Advantech’s DSA-3400 media player will be shown at CeBit Australia 2008 from May 20-22.

digital signage software powers Neutron Ind. corporate communications