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RMS Networks, BroadSign allow ad agencies broader access to DOOH ad space

MONTREAL — BroadSign International Inc., a provider of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solutions for managing digital signage networks, and RMS Networks Inc., a digital marketing and technology solutions agency, have joined forces to offer advertisers easier-to-buy digital out-of-home media.
The integration has become possible thanks to the new open-standard cross-network media buying platform BroadSign Open, scheduled for release in early 2009. The two companies have collaborated to connect BroadSign Open with rVue — a digital signage media-planning tool developed for the DOOH industry and used by RMS Networks. rVue’s addressable advertising exchange takes a Google AdWords approach and applies it to the DOOH industry. RMS’ rVue exchange is a Web-based application that enables advertisers to find and bid on digital out-of-home properties across multiple networks.
Using the rVue/BroadSign Open collaboration, over 165 DOOH networks that run on BroadSign’s software can now add their inventory to RMS’ media planning platform, thus becoming part of the larger-scale media buys they didn’t have access to before.
BroadSign Open will grant rVue users access to its combined network media space to enable advertisers to target and execute digital signage campaigns across BroadSign-powered networks.
“Our relationship with RMS Networks gives our networks an opportunity to be seen by planners and advertisers via a unified interface and simplifies the process of buying digital out-of-home,” said Brian Dusho, president and chief strategy officer of BroadSign International. “Coupling rVue with BroadSign Open brings together the best of two worlds: mass reach and micro targeting.”
“BroadSign is an established, worldwide provider of campaign fulfillment workflow for the industry with an impressive group of networks,” said Jason Kates, founder, president and CEO of RMS Networks. “The integration of our respective technologies is designed to further enable advertising agencies to easily plan and buy OOH media campaigns and measure their effectiveness.”
The rVue Ad platform also offers greater accountability and relevancy in advertising. With rVue’s innovative targeting tools and auction-based pricing system, advertisers can find the right context and audience for their advertising messages, only pay for impressions delivered to their ads and receive digital reporting within 24 hours.
Additionally, The Component Group, an Omnicom agency, has endorsed rVue from the start and is very optimistic about this announcement. “We collaborated with RMS Networks over the last year to integrate what the agencies are looking for — a dashboard approach to segregate the digital out of home opportunities and allow an efficient buy to take place,” said Bob Chimbel, CEO of the Component Group. “The incorporation of rVue into BroadSign’s reach is game-changing. A platform of this scope now allows us to access digital out-of-home outlets in a way that was not previously available.”