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Ripple digital signage rolls out bagel restaurant partnership

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Ripple, a network of screens located in specialty retail locations, announced that the company has contracted with a subsidiary of Einstein Noah Restaurant Group to bring Ripple screens into selected restaurant locations across the country. Einstein Noah Restaurant Group is the parent company of Einstein Bros. Bagels and Noah’s New York Bagels.   With the addition of screens in Einstein Bros. and Noah’s, the Ripple network will reach nearly 30 million people each month, expanding Ripple’s footprint in the Midwestern and Eastern regions, particularly the major metropolitan markets of Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Miami.   Ripple’s network of screens integrates national content like news, weather and entertainment stories with customized, community-focused news and local event listings. This blend of information and community forum is paired with targeted advertising offered at the national, regional and local levels. 

The Einstein Noah screens join Ripple’s Lifestyle network, which reaches affluent, engaged consumers at moments of dwell-time they associate with leisure and positive retail experiences.  Other Lifestyle network partners include Borders, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Robeks and Tully’s Coffee. Ripple’s QuickServe network engages dynamic, fast-moving audiences in high-frequency settings. 

“Extensive research demonstrates that audiences in these environments find true value in local, regional and national content to keep them connected,” said Alex Nocifera, founder and president, sales and distribution at Ripple. “Ripple’s Lifestyle network fosters that experience, offering news and entertainment combined with the added value of sharing information about locally relevant products, services and community events.”

digital signage rolls out bagel restaurant partnership