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Reflect Systems reaches 175,000 digital screens in retail and out-of-home venues

Reflect Systems today announced the expanded reach of ReflectView digital media networks, including the milestone of 175,000 active displays in use by retailers and businesses.
The ReflectView digital media platform is used to create relationships with shoppers and out-of-home audiences by providing engaging digital media experiences with media content and interactive solutions. Reflect Systems’ networks engage shoppers with in-store media content, merchandising messages and advertising that serve the unique needs of retailers and their shoppers while reaching an audience of over 145 million shoppers each month.
“We’re thrilled with the successes we’ve shared with our customers and with the increasing use of digital media in retail,” said Matthew Schmitt, CEO of Reflect Systems. “It’s now becoming strategically valuable to leverage rich media messaging to reach customers closer to the point of decision, where the message has the most impact and can achieve immediate results.”
Bill Collins, noted industry expert and Principal of DecisionPoint Media Insights, said,
“175,000 active digital signage displays is quite an achievement for any company. What’s particularly noteworthy about Reflect Systems is its strong focus on retail. Even in this slow economy, Reflect’s key role in the digital signage deployments at Target, Best Buy, GameStop and Verizon Wireless is helping to point the way to a future where digital media is seamlessly woven into shoppers’ retail experience.”
Al Wittemen, Director of Retail Strategy for TracyLocke, said,
“When retailers deploy in-store digital media networks, they have an opportunity to enhance the shopper experience by optimizing communication with the right message at the right time and right place. With over 175,000 displays now in use using Reflect software, Reflect is enabling many top brand retailers to enrich the shopper’s journey.”
Collins and the TracyLocke agency have published a whitepaper on the growing importance of digital media in retail.