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Reality Interactive introduces bitSHUTTLE for hotels

Reality Interactive, provider of design and development of content rich solutions for self-service, digital merchandising and digital signage applications, today introduced bitSHUTTLE for hotels.

A software solution, bitSHUTTLE powers off-the-shelf digital photo frames enabling hotels to engage guests with frames displayed at check-in and throughout hotel lobbies for maximum customer interaction. The photo frames can be Wi-Fi enabled allowing for real-time updates.

Reality Interactive enables hoteliers worldwide to create an interactive relationship with customers beyond check-in and check-out. BitSHUTTLE equips hotel patrons with valuable information through the use of digital photo frames displayed throughout hotel properties. This takes the traditional paper-based concept of marketing products to hotel patrons via flyers and posters to a whole new level.

The software can be deployed on inexpensive, off-the-shelf digital photo frames for a low monthly fee.

“We see these units frequently at hotel properties and they’re typically purchased by local managers and disappointingly display crude, homemade images. BitSHUTTLE hits this issue right on the head, by offering hotel properties with sharp, cutting-edge, customizable graphics,” Reality Interactive CEO Craig Martin said. “Hoteliers are provided with a range of approved, easily modified, consistent corporate messages for each hotel property and display timely, valuable information that is appealing and useful to local guests.”