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Reality Interactive advocates sustainable digital merchandising

Reality Interactive, provider of content-rich solutions for self-service, digital merchandising and digital signage applications, today announced that several of its offerings have demonstrated a significant effect on the environment by reducing waste at several points during the marketing process.

As companies increasingly search for new ways to decrease their carbon footprints, Reality Interactive offers a compliant, green solution that enables institutions to more effectively target customers through branded messaging, without the costs associated with traditionally branded print posters and paper handouts. Reality Interactive’s bitSHUTTLE solution powers off-the-shelf digital photo frames with unique, consistent, localized content designed for specific and general audiences.

“In our advocacy of the green factor, we have taken the initiative to encourage customers and agency partners to embrace the impact digital merchandising has on marketing budgets and the environment,” said Craig Martin, CEO of┬áReality Interactive. “The benefit for digital merchandising practitioners is huge. Not only will brands resonate more readily with customers, but spending on wasteful corporate collateral is eliminated, enabling companies to rapidly exceed their environmental and overall marketing goals with high impact, low cost digital signage.”