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RAI Amsterdam launches 800-screen digital signage network in conference center

Scala has announced that its certified partner, QYN, has completed a multi-channel, 800-screen digital signage network for Amsterdam RAI, the largest event and conference center in the Netherlands. The network, named RAI Live!, offers visitors a live news, information and way-finding system that also enables RAI to lower its operational costs, reduce its carbon impact and generate additional revenues from conference and event customers.
RAI Live! is controlled centrally at Amsterdam RAI by a team of five full-time staff in close partnership with QYN which provides ongoing software and maintenance services to RAI.
“After extensive research and a pilot, RAI concluded that digital media would add value to their primary process of hosting events and exhibitions and would help them in being the most innovative compact venue of Europe. In close cooperation with RAI, QYN designed and developed a unique digital way-finding system with Scala at its core to meet its scalability and media management requirements,” said Aart Nap, operations director, QYN.
QYN’s solution was to conceive and deliver a digital network that used a variety of output devices (fixed screens, mobile screens and LED lighting) to deliver a meaningful visitor experience from entry to exit. QYN identified key visitor “journey points” that influenced screen placement and content. RAI’s internal team creates content using pre-designed templates for way-finding, sponsorship and other information. They can also include news feeds, event updates, local weather and flight times.
RAI Live! installations include:
– Entry and exit points: Amsterdam RAI has eight separate entrances for different events. A mix of permanent screens and freestanding, dual-sided mobile screens (“flexible icons”) provide information, way-finding and commercial messaging relating to a specific event. RAI Live! can use this opportunity to generate revenue from event organizers, exhibitors and brands using the venue to promote their products and services.
– Halls and walkways: Across 11 halls, RAI Live! provides visitors with screen-specific way-finding to lead them to their destination and to prompt a visit to a particular meeting, conference, stand or brand. Content can be updated in real time to ensure that as the venue changes in use throughout the day, necessary changes are reflected on the screen network automatically. Automatic updates ensure information is always accurate and up to date. This helps move visitors around the venue quickly and effectively, reducing the need for staff to replace posters and attend physically.
– Conference areas and meeting rooms: These screens provide up-to-date notifications about upcoming presentations, workshops and breaks.
While RAI Live! was originally conceived to replace high-maintenance, high-cost, low-value paper-based solutions with a digital solution, RAI Live! has quickly developed into a platform capable of delivering much more value to the business, including increased operational functionality, compliance benefits, revenue generation and the reduction of the facility’s and individual event’s carbon footprint.
“RAI, like most leisure and multi-use businesses, is an ideal candidate for digital media by virtue of its need to provide up-to-date information and messaging quickly, effectively and at a low cost. We’ve worked closely with QYN to provide a solution that enables RAI’s 800-screen network to work seamlessly and efficiently and in some respects automatically, which we all are justly proud of,” said Oscar Elizaga, VP EMEA, Scala.
Amsterdam RAI features 11 interconnected halls, 25 conference rooms and 87,000 square meters (more than 900,000 square feet) of exhibition space for public and commercial use. Each year, Amsterdam RAI hosts over 500 events, 120 trade shows and caters for over two million visitors.

digital signage network in conference center