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PumpTop TV getting exclusive content from Lady Gaga

PumpTop TV and Music Choice have announced a partnership that will bring the biggest names in the music industry to the gas pump. The partnership will bring two 30-second interview clips each month to PumpTop TV that will give viewers a unique look into the lives of their favorite musical artists.
PumpTop TV will also showcase special localized content, provided by Music Choice, in their banners.
According to a press release, Music Choice is the number one video-on-demand network and music provider in the United States. The PumpTop TV network reaches an audience of 12 million motorists each month. These special interviews are created exclusively for PumpTop TV by Music Choice.

This week on PumpTop TV, Lady Gaga gives motorists some insight on the childhood influences of her unique fashion style. In an exclusive interview with Music Choice, Lady Gaga explains that even as a child she was “wearing crazy stuff” and that her childhood nickname, Blossom, “could have been cuz she always dressed so crazy on that show” or because of how she and Blossom star┬áMayim Bialik both share a “big nose.” The interview is just one of the features that PumpTop TV is showcasing this month.