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Pub Concepts chooses ScreenScape for networked digital signage between restaurants

OAKVILLE, Ontario — Pub Concepts, a business developed to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to own and operate their own unique British style pub, has recently chosen ScreenScape, an Internet-based venue networking solution, for immediate deployment in six of its member pubs. The six member pubs participating in the initial deployment are The Ivy Arms (Milton, ON), The Whistling Walrus (Hamilton, ON), Pipers Heath (Milton, ON), The Stout Monk (Oakville, ON), The Whale and Ale Pub (Kitchener, ON) and Tin Cup (Oakville, ON). Pub Concepts plans to deploy ScreenScape across all 50 member pubs over the next 12 months. Beyond deploying ScreenScape across its 50 member pubs, Pub Concepts is also looking forward to offering the ScreenScape service to other interested pubs or food and beverage venues across the country.

Licensed ScreenScape affiliates acquire the technology needed to firmly establish their own network of trusted venues with whom they can partner to offer unique marketing services. As an affiliate network manager Pub Concepts will have the ability to push content to each of its members from advertisers they have relationships with, while allowing each pub member to create and manage their own content locally.
“As a ScreenScape Affiliate, we are able to easily create our own network within the ScreenScape community,” said Doug Ranch, spokesperson for Pub Concepts. “Each pub manager can manage their own content and share their content for cross promotion within the community. Furthermore, we are able to selectively push content to our network of pubs from some of our advertising partners we have current relationships with.”
Pub Concepts helps its member pubs determine a sales and marketing strategy. They help each member to create the perfect atmosphere within the pub, and align key suppliers. ScreenScape-powered digital signage will be offered to members of Pub Concepts as an additional value-added service designed to enhance communication and promotion.
“It’s a win-win relationship. Our members’ benefit from belonging to our network of pubs to cross promote and unify, while participating in the larger ScreenScape community to create promotional relationships at a local level with other venues located nearby,” Ranch said.

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