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PRN's Checkout TV achieves 60 percent advertiser recall among consumers

SAN FRANCISCO — Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN), a provider of digital media solutions at retail, has announced that its Checkout TV Network advertiser recall surged to 60 percent in 2008, up 18 percentage points from a similar study conducted in 2007.   The 2008 Checkout TV Recall Study, conducted by GfK Custom Research North America in six major retail markets, revealed an average brand recall of 60 percent, with some individual brands delivering results as high as 91 percent. The study also revealed that 70 percent of consumers who viewed participating ads reported that it influenced their intent to buy the product in the future.   PRN’s Checkout TV Network presents engaging programming that entertains and informs shoppers while they wait in line at supermarket and retail locations worldwide. U.S. viewership is quickly approaching the 100 million mark with 2008 viewership increasing 8.4 percent to 94.6 million viewers every four weeks, according to a viewership study conducted by Knowledge Networks Inc.    “2008 was a great year for our Checkout TV Network,” said Richard Fisher, president of PRN worldwide. “In only four years, the Checkout TV Network has become one of PRN’s most compelling networks because it serves retailers, shoppers and advertisers equally well. With this year’s increases in ad recall, viewership, distribution and advertisers, we can show that the market is really embracing this network and we look forward to even more growth in 2009.”   In addition to its U.S. distribution, PRN’s Checkout TV Network is currently being expanded internationally with the installation of 4,900 additional screens in Latin America – more than a 25 percent increase in distribution. The Checkout TV Network is now seen on more than 22,000 screens worldwide.   Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN) enables retailers and manufacturers to reach consumers in over 6,400 leading retail stores worldwide. PRN works with retailers, content partners and advertisers to create in-store programming that engages, informs and motivates consumers where they shop. PRN’s programming alliances include major television networks and other media properties, as well as movie studios, record labels and magazine and newspaper publishers.  PRN’s retailer customers include Acme Markets, Albertsons, Best Buy, Carrefour, Costco, Jewel-Osco, Pathmark, Sam’s Club, Shaw’s, ShopRite, Star Market and Walmart stores.