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PRN and Cabco Group aim to enhance retail through in-store media

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. Thomson’s Premier Retail Networks Inc. (PRN) and Cabco Group, the world’s leading international operator of electronic shopping carts, have announced a strategic alliance to enhance the in-store media experience for retailers and shoppers.   Cabco’s TV Kart incorporates interactive display screens into digital shopping carts designed to entertain children who are sitting on the interior of the cart, while providing targeted information for adults on monitors facing them as they shop.   PRN provides engaging in-store media experiences on over 250,000 screens in more than 6,500 retail locations worldwide.   PRN plans to develop a seamless connection between Cabco’s display screen technology and PRN’s platform in order to facilitate better coordination of content, advertising and measurement. In addition, PRN will provide advertising sales for Cabco’s TV Kart and the two companies will work together to develop a range of interactive services that will appeal to advertisers and retailers while enhancing the consumer shopping experience.   “Advertisers are looking for exciting in-store media that delivers results, but they are also looking to consolidate their media spend and work with experts in the area of content optimization,” said Cabco COO Brad Johnson. “PRN brings our advertisers an industry-experienced contact for purchasing our network, as well as the ability to produce or re-purpose content specifically for the in-store environment.”   “We are excited to be able to provide an integrated in-store media experience for shoppers and advertisers in this alliance with Cabco,” said PRN president Richard Fisher. “This alliance demonstrates the flexibility of our services, the ease in which our technology integrates with other products such as Cabco’s TV Kart, and shows how our range of services, such as Ad Sales, can provide value to our partners.”