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Preset Group goes live with online survey on digital signage content to benefit industry

The Preset Group digital signage and converging media consultancy went live today with an online survey polling digital signage providers and end-users, including digital out-of-home network operators, on the use and requirements of content in the sector.

The survey was developed to gain more understanding about those who provide content, how agencies, operators, and providers view digital signage content, and to examine similarities and discrepancies between different disciplines in the industry, according to a statement from the group. The summary of findings will be released at no charge.

“You will be asked about your views on content, including types, budgets, and deployment methods,” said Paul Flanigan, one of Preset’s co-founders. “At the end of the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to provide some feedback about digital signage and content.” Flanigan said the survey should not take more than 10 minutes and encouraged anyone who logs in to answer every question, as this will help generate better results that his group can then share back with the industry. Respondents have the option to leave names and email addresses, so that they can be sent a summary of the findings, at no charge. The responses will be aggregated into a report, with no information attributed to those who respond. No other personal information is requested or required.

“We’re not operating under any illusions that this is proper, formal research,” said fellow Preset co-founder Dave Haynes, “But we, and particularly Paul, put a lot of thoughtful time into this set of questions. The results won’t be the last word on the subject, but we hope it provides some insights that help advance the industry. There are some very notable exceptions, but I’d argue a lot of the industry is stuck in a content rut.”

At today’s opening day of the digital signage Strategies Summit in Las Vegas, Pat Hellberg, the third co-founder of the Preset Group, also added a plug:

“We hope to take the results of the survey and benefit the industry.”

The survey will be online through at least the end of April, the group says. To take it, go here.

digital signage content to benefit industry