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Premier Retail Networks deploying new MediaEdge3 video distribution system

PARIS — Premier Retail Networks, part of Thomson’s Services Division, is now deploying its third generation of retail media solutions based on the Thomson Grass Valley MediaEdge3 DS video distribution system for a variety of new IP-based digital retail network deployments across the U.S. A custom configured version of the MediaEdge3 is a core component of PRN’s video network manager.   The Thomson Grass Valley MediaEdge3 DS video distribution system is an open platform that allows integrators to customize the system to fit different installations. Adapted by PRN for use in its video network manager, the MediaEdge3 system is being used to support PRN’s diverse clients’ needs in today’s challenging retail environment. In addition to large retail networks with multiple channels, the system’s flexibility also allows PRN to configure the MediaEdge3 system to work in individual locations or smaller retail chains distributing a single channel.   MediaEdge3 allows PRN’s customers to take advantage of a flexible IP network, which features digital connections and file-based content management instead of the more costly analog systems and coaxial cable previously used to deliver SD and HD content while feeding multiple screens. With the MediaEdge3 platform’s addressable set-top boxes, any content can be played at any screen, delivered from a single video server running MediaEdge3 content management software. Retailers can now also “broadcast” more than one channel to multiple stores or within a single store.   “The possibilities and flexibility the MediaEdge3 DS video system have added to our platform allow our customers to deliver marketing messages, store promotions and educational information in ways they never could before,” said Richard Fisher, president of PRN. “We’re very aware of what other divisions of Thomson are doing and try to take advantage of the most valuable technology developed by the company as it makes sense for our industry. The MediaEdge3 platform is a good example of an enabling technology that improves workflows and helps our customers achieve their goals.”