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POPAI Digital Signage Standards group expands

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — POPAI’s digital signage Standards Committee expanded its scope and direction as a result of the April 9 committee call. During the meeting, 50 industry leaders created three new committees to focus on critically needed standards for screen media formats, media player interoperability and server intercommunications. The resulting standards will provide uniform terminology, technical criteria and processes to accelerate industry growth. They are also aimed at improving interoperability, delivering measurements and creating new businesses to deliver digital content that engages audiences in different environments.

POPAI is a non-profit trade association, and its digital signage Group is an independent organization that facilitates the digital signage industry’s standards body, as well as publishes and maintains industry standards and helps achieve acceptance across all industry stakeholders. The Standards Committee is chaired by Michael Willems, chief technology officer at Enqii Holdings.

digital signage Standards group expands