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Platt Retail Inst. to release quarterly index of digital signage industry

The Platt Retail Institute (PRI), in conjunction with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, has announced it will release the “North American digital signage Activity Index” Nov. 23, 2009. The Index tracks the current level of business/industry activity, as well as changes in the anticipated industry outlook.   Two key findings that will be reported in the Q4 2009 North American digital signage Activity Index include:
• The “Current digital signage Index” rose by 10.83 percent in the third quarter versus the second quarter. Four of nine index components were reported as being slightly higher. These include firm revenue, industry activity, screens deployed in-network and the number of new/expanding DOOH networks. • The “Near-Term digital signage Index” increased by 15.12 percent. This reflects a generally upbeat outlook for the industry going forward. Substantial plans for increases in capital expenditures and employment illustrate that firms are investing for the future.
“This Index is a compilation of input from many industry leaders,” said Steven Keith Platt, PRI director and research fellow. “Information gathered from these leaders focuses on key elements of the digital signage industry including current and future outlook for sales revenue, business activity, network expansions, ad spending and more.”

As the digital communications network industry continues to expand, there is a growing demand to measure activity from period to period. The Index will be an important source of market information. Industry participation in this new survey provides a sense of how the market is performing as a whole and also reports on activity in major industry subsegments such as software, digital out-of-home networks, and ad agency/brand-adoption rates. The Index also will compare the industry with other economic activity measures such as GDP, retail sales and ad spending.

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