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PhiMedia network targets ATMs, POS

PORTLAND, Ore. — PhiMedia, an out-of-home media advertising provider, launched the PhiMedia Digital Network to capture consumer audiences at the point of sale. The PhiMedia Network provides advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers during their daily lives where they spend their time, shop and frequent.Content is provided by InVideo and includes news, sports, weather, traffic, trivia, factoids and community service initiatives.
To create market saturation, PhiMedia partnered with Aptus Financial, a provider of ATM placement and management solutions. PhiMedia said the first locations in Portland deliver over 1,000,000 impressions to more than 700,000 consumers in the Portland/Vancouver metro area.
“PhiMedia provides an alternative medium for advertisers to engage and influence consumers during the critical time of purchase,” said Nathan Purcell, ISO director of PhiMedia. “Where others struggle to make a lasting impression, PhiMedia delivers the final message to gain instant results for our advertisers.”
“Through our exclusive relationship with the InVideo Network, we can deliver customized and tailored messages to each location type,” said Charles Tramont, marketing director of PhiMedia. “Proprietary content such as Wyrd Facts, Nutty Trivia and Sidelight.TV, entertain and engage the audience to create a more pleasurable consumer experience for our host retailers and merchants.”
Plans for other markets include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans.