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Pharmacy experiments with simplified digital signage

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Looking for an alternative to email newsletters and other television-based systems, King Drug and Home Care turned to StrandVision for its digital signage and video display system. Located in the pharmacy waiting area on an island, the 26-inch flat screen display shows product information and specials, local and national news and weather, as well as King Drug informational videos.
The system meets King Drug’s requirement for a non-intrusive way to communicate with customers that goes beyond traditional in-store signage and advertising.
Using StrandVision’s Web-based approach, marketing and technical personnel in Bowling Green, located a half hour outside of Morgantown, Ky., update slides and information over the Internet. The changes are instantly sent to the display in the Morgantown store. King Drug video clips are automatically downloaded and stored on the StrandVision personal computer player in Morgantown and mixed into the digital signage slide rotation.
King Drug plans to expand the digital signage system to its other stores using a Web-based approach. Plans include adding digital signs at other store locations and even pharmacy drive-ups to show a combination of corporate-wide and location-specific digital signage slides and videos. All of the installations will be centrally managed from the Bowling Green headquarters.

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