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PGA National Resort adds digital signage for flight information

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Located 12 miles from Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA), PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., caters to a guest list of golfing enthusiasts who travel to this luxurious AAA Four Diamond resort by air. Its list of amenities, from 90 holes of golf and spa facility, to seven highly rated onsite restaurants and lounges, attracts not only golfers, but families, couples, corporations and business travelers.

Flight info adds to 4-Diamond service

With so many guests arriving and departing via PBIA, the resort offers guests its own onsite limo service to the airport which began a logical step to look into other travel options that might help simplify their guests’ airline travel experience. According to the property’s director of marketing, Brett Laiken, that was when they discovered FlyteBoard, a real-time flight information display subscription service by Flyte Systems.

“At the PGA National Resort & Spa, our focus is on making our guests’ visits memorable, and that begins from the moment they deplane to the moment they board our limo for their return home,” Laiken said. “With FlyteBoard, our guests no longer have to guess whether or not their flights will depart on time. A quick glance at the FlyteBoard high-resolution screen tells them whether they can linger a little longer, or if it really is time to go.”

According to Laiken, PGA National installed FlyteBoard in May in the property’s Business Center after researching several options. Since then, he’s seen a substantial increase in the number of guests who visit the Business Center as they prepare to depart. “Guests rely on the live airline flight information,” Laiken noted. “It adds confidence to their travel day and that is a valuable guest service.”
Laiken points out that when guests discover their flights have been delayed or cancelled, they go to the front desk and postpone their scheduled airport limo ride and then head into the PGA National’s popular iBar, the chic lounge located next to the Business Center.

“When guests know they have a choice of going to the airport and waiting out their delayed flight sitting in a plastic chair at a fast food restaurant, or relaxing at iBar, there is no contest,” he said.

digital signage for flight information