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Peoplecount announces traffikcounts service for Canadian markets

Peoplecount has announced the release of its 2009 Canadian traffikcounts data layer. With this release, users will have access to 25,000 geocoded vehicular traffic counts in 80 markets across Canada. Users can choose to purchase individual markets or the nationwide layer, depending on their needs.

Peoplecount is known in the digital signage industry for providing traffic counts to assist in the measurement and analysis of digital signage effectiveness.

Prices for traffikcounts vary depending on the size of the market. The data can be purchased in either line or point format with the line format delineating the exact segment of road to which the traffic count is applicable.

“We’re very excited about this launch, as it truly represents a one-stop sh,op for traffic counts across Canada,” said Mike Latka, Peoplecount’s manager of GeoMedia Services. “Being a traffic engineering firm we have the expertise to work with a variety of traffic count formats to convert them to that of an average day of the year, thus providing a standard delivery format for the counts.”