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Partridge Family's Bonaduce appearing on PumpTop TV digital signage

Former “Partridge Family” co-star Danny Bonaduce, now a Philadelphia radio host on CBS’s 94 WYSP, will be appearing on Philadelphia-area gas pumps thanks to PumpTop TV.

Bonaduce is making the appearances to pump up interest in his radio show, and PumpTop TV says it reaches 1 million Philadelphians each month though its digital out-of-home network.

“If Dick Clark made Philadelphia a hot bed for Rock ‘n’ Roll, then PumpTop TV is sure going to pave the way with interactive media in this well respected local market,” said Doug Woo, executive vice president of PumpTop TV parent company AdtekMedia. “Philadelphia is one of the first cities to demonstrate how our robust, interactive out-of-home digital network can target individual DMA’s and complement other local mediums for both editorial content and creative advertising.”

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