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OVAB adds six high-profile digital-signage members

NEW YORK — The Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau has added CNN Airport Network, Danoo, EnQii, NBC Everywhere, PumpTop TV and Ripple to its list of members.
CNN Airport Networkis the only satellite-delivered, 24/7 television service designed for air travelers in major airports.Danoo delivers localized digital media to consumers in retail and other locations.EnQii, a global digital-signage out-of-home technology supplier, provides content through Digital View Media, Redeemit and Screen Edge.NBC Everywhereincludes 11 non-traditional digital platforms that carry customized NBC content.PumpTop TV is a network that delivers current news, entertainment and advertising to millions of drivers as they fuel their vehicles at the gas pump. AndRippleoffers a network of screens located in specialty retail locations that provide informational and entertaining content.
“By delivering contextually relevant content and messages to active consumers in specific environments during the course of the day, out-of-home video/digital networks add value to an advertiser’s campaign that just can’t be achieved with other mediums,” says Suzanne Alecia, president of OVAB, in a news release. “We’re pleased that the agency and advertising communities are starting to embrace what consumers have already deemed valuable.”

OVAB on Oct. 29 will host a day-long event in New York City. The event is designed to help agency and client-side marketing executives understand the dynamics and potential of out-of-home video and digital advertising, focusing on educating marketers about how they can incorporate these networks into their media plans.