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OPINION: 'The Apprentice' winner to work in digital display

*Note: Phil Hunter is event director at KioskCom Self Service Expo Europe and The European digital signage Show. Lee McQueen is the most recent winner of the BBC reality show “The Apprentice,” hosted by Sir Alan Sugar.
We have learned that Sir Alan Sugar’s latest venture, Lee McQueen, with the sales force headed by the winner of the BBC Apprentice show, is going to be a digital signage and advertising group. 
Cynicism about TV talent shows and CV cheating salesmen aside, if this is the case, we in the industry probably ought to sit up and take notice. Yes, The Apprentice, on one level, is a cracking piece of marketing for Sugar himself, but it’s also more than a simple reality TV show. After all, the winning contestant is actually fighting it out for a serious corporate role and, if the serial and successful entrepreneur in Sugar is looking to digital signage as the way forward, it suggests that we are set to see a proliferation of digital display usage within marketing and further afield.
As A/V experts, we have already seen digital display become a much more pivotal part of a company’s advertising strategy. Obviously Sugar has seen the huge potential for growth that digital signage offers across many different levels, recognising that the very nature of a centrally controlled display network means that you can convey a series of focused and relevant messages that are changeable in an instant. In fact, increasingly we are seeing a rise in the usage of digital signage for a number of communication purposes. Within a big business organizations, for example, digital displays can keep a large number of people up to date with the latest news and activity.
As well as offering a fantastic way to get products noticed, it’s the wide-ranging benefits and attractions of digital signage and the emergence of interactive display marketing that, I’m certain, will contribute to a huge boost for the industry over the course of the next few years.