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Omnivex shows its Moxie, version 6.09

Omnivex Corp., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provider of content management software for digital signage networks, recently announced that it has released version 6.09 of its Moxie software platform. The latest version has improvements for better performance, scalability and usability, the company said.

Moxie software is used by customers in a wide range of industries, to manage all aspects of digital signage networks, and it represents a significant shift in the way digital signage has traditionally been approached, accoridng to Omnivex. Moxie is a comprehensive platform used to create, manage and deploy digital signage systems that uses both internal triggers (such as time, location and data) and external information (including touchscreen inputs, contact closures and environmental factors) to determine the appropriate content to display on the screens, for a particular target audience. Making visual communications contextual improves its effectiveness and subsequently, the return on investment of the system.

Moxie 6.09 includes many feature improvements and additions. One of the most notable is that Moxie users will have the ability to remotely upgrade the media players on their network to 6.09. Additionally, the Moxie Data Server performance has been enhanced to support more players on a given network. They also have the ability to display player transmission logs in the Player Manager. Furthermore, the Log Viewer has been optimized to improve performance and scalability by reducing the amount of system resources required for logging activity in Moxie.

Changes to the usability of the software make for additional benefits, such as the ability to automatically match the content timeline duration to a media file’s duration; the connection status icons being viewable in the Player Manager and System Manager; and communications improvements which make for increased responsiveness in multi-user environments. Moxie now also supports ClearQAM video capture, which will allow users to include content from an unencrypted signal in their content displayed on screen.

The new version of the software includes a new System Manager module. The System Manager module can be permissioned to only specific users who are responsible for monitoring and upgrading components on the network, but not necessarily the day-to-day content administration role. The System Manager module will allow permissioned users to view what systems are installed on what computers, what applications are connected to the server and provide them with more information about their network.

Further functionality for the new wayfinding module that was introduced in 6.08 will allow a user to create a wayfinding directory for their map in the Layout Designer with very few steps. Through the Directory Zone, users can easily create a directory and customize it using a table, rather than having to create individual button zones for each start and end point. The same set of rules and formatting can be applied to all of the buttons within the Directory Zone, cutting down on the time required to deploy and manage interactive wayfinding maps. Any changes made to the start and end points, as well as their corresponding labels, will also be displayed in the directory. This functionality enables users to easily sort and filter the items in the directory (eg: by type, category, alphabetically, etc).

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