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Odeon Cinemas at Liverpool One and Belfast use digital signage to drive concession sales

WIGAN, England — Odeon U.K. is using Connectvision digital signage to drive concession sales at its new cinemas at Liverpool One and Belfast.

Odeon has over 100 hundred cinemas across the U.K., many of which rely on Saturn Communication’s Connectvision to provide consistent digital signage branding at each venue. The design of the cinemas at Liverpool One and Belfast reflects a new approach to digital signage by Odeon.

The entrance foyer comprises a bank of 17 42-inch LCD screens that support both box office and concessions sales.

“By using dual-purpose tills we have more flexibility at the point-of-sale. If the need arises we can use the concessions areas for both concession and ticket sales. Connectvision allows us to use the bank of screens to maximum effect when promoting popcorn, drinks, confectionery and other concessions, as well as topical special offers linked to films at the cinema,” said Alison Burns, retail manager U.K., Odeon U.K.

Integrated with the box office system, Connectvision box office screens show film times, prices and seat availability. The concession area screens feature a mix of still images and advertising movies. All content is distributed remotely using Saturn’s central content management service which also handles other Odeon cinemas using Connectvision.

Typically three playlists are used by Odeon throughout the day. For the morning and afternoon playlists, the concessions screens include offers suitable for children; for the evening playlist the screen displays are more suitable for an adult audience.

“Connectvision digital signage allows us to reinforce the Odeon branding in a manner that is both creative and informative for our customers,” said Burns. “Moreover, Saturn’s content management service also gives us a highly flexible and effective way of coordinating the screens’ contents and concessions offers nationally.”

digital signage to drive concession sales