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NZ Lotto deploys digital signage to 600 locations

New Zealand Lotteries announced today that it is rolling out digital signage screens to approximately 600 NZ Lotto stores around the country — the biggest rollout of its kind in New Zealand, according to NZ Lotteries CEO Todd McLeay.

digital signage is a new medium that offers us huge potential as a new marketing channel – using a mix of animation, video and catchy messages,” McLeay said in the announcement. “Approximately one million customers visit our Lotto stores each week, and digital signage can offer them a more emotionally engaging in-store experience than present.

“It will grab attention and better engage our customers — as well as reduce our carbon footprint with less of a requirement for printed collateral over time.”

The LCD digital signage screens play a range of promotional displays for NZ Lotteries brands, as well as showing current jackpot levels and information on lottery grants for the community.

According to the announcement, digital signage is relatively new in the New Zealand retail market, but internationally the medium has achieved significant growth. The United Kingdom’s OAA (Outdoor Advertising Association) predicts the digital screen market will be worth £107 million ($211 million NZD) by the end of 2012, or 14.9 percent of all outdoor advertising revenue.

International research studies carried out by Microsoft and Intel have shown that more than five times as many people look at digital signage when compared to a flat poster, even a back lit version. On average, the time customers spend viewing digital signage is 40 percent higher than viewing a static display.

The medium is rapidly being embraced by some of the largest retailers in the world, including Tesco, Target and the Bank of America.

After a competitive tender process, NZ Lotteries partnered with New Zealand vendor SignActive to implement digital signage in 600 of its retail stores.

Most of the installations are 47-inch landscape screens, while 42-inch portrait screens have been used in sites where there is limited space. The signage network will be powered by Scala software on MediaVue Systems digital signage players.

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digital signage to 600 locations