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NRF: STRATACACHE unveils shelf-based SPECTRA PopTouch displays

STRATACACHE, exhibiting at NRF’s 99th Annual Convention and Expo in booth #1748 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center January 10-13, 2010, is showcasing newly-released SPECTRA PopTouch touchscreen units with embedded media players.   Offering a small footprint, which includes an embedded media player, the SPECTRA PopTouch is ideal for shelf-edge and end-cap retail applications. SPECTRA PopTouch displays are offered in a variety of sizes: 3-, 5-, 7-, 10-, 17-, 19-, 22-, 27-, 32- and 40-inches.   For a retailer or an advertiser, being able to put the right message in front of a consumer at the point of purchase (POP) as part of a shopping aisle display dramatically improves sales and brand impact. Adding interactivity via a touchscreen to the in-store digital media platform further personalizes the medium and elevates the customer experience.   A SPECTRA PopTouch interactive display acts as an “attraction” device in retail environments where the consumer can choose to interact if they wish. Cameras or motion detectors can be used to trigger “welcome” audio when patrons are in the vicinity. During idle time, the display can revert back to default content.   For in-store marketers, interactivity inherently provides measurement characteristics while providing shopper insight by tracking user data and click/touch paths. The PopTouch interactive displays are for applications where the retailer wants to trigger mobile couponing or provide a valued takeaway sent to the consumer’s handheld device.   “Consumer interactivity is an instrumental driver of retailer initiatives to emphasize shopper marketing and the customer experience,” says Louie Hollmeyer, STRATACACHE VP of marketing. “All promotional activities must relate back to the store-at the moment of truth-and in-store interactive media is an ideal vehicle to close the loop.”   The SPECTRA PopTouch displays integrate with STRATACACHE’s ActiVia for Media digital signage software.