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NRF: STRATACACHE debuting audience measurement tech

NEW YORK — STRATACACHE is showcasing its newly released audience measurement module as part of its award-winning digital signage solution, ActiVia for Media, at NRF’s 98th Annual Convention and Expo.
ActiVia AM-the audience measurement module-uses simple, inexpensive USB cameras to provide consumer impression metrics, including unique consumer impressions, dwell time, impressions per merchandised object, impressions by time of day, impressions by brand or category, and basic consumer demographics. Later this year the ActiVia AM module will be enhanced with advanced consumer demographics, which will enable dynamic message selection on the digital sign and the ability to vary content based on viewer characteristics including gender, ethnicity and banded age group. At all times, consumer privacy is protected as consumer images are not stored by the system.
“Advanced audience measurement features are an important requirement for evolving digital signage networks in both the retail and advertising markets,” said Steve Bannister, STRATACACHE vice president of engineering. “Rather than integrating to an expensive, proprietary third-party technology, STRATACACHE has invested heavily to develop our own audience measurement technology, which is tightly integrated into ActiVia. Audience measurement will spearhead future product development such as targeted viewer messaging based on gender, age, and/or ethnicity as well as other key merchandising and marketing features. For a retailer or an advertiser, being able to put the right message in front of the right consumer at the right time dramatically improves the sales impact of in-store digital media.”
Seamlessly integrated into the proven ActiVia for Media digital signage solution, ActiVia AM provides end users with an affordable, highly flexible solution for powerful in-store and Out-of-Home (OOH) digital marketing.
STRATACACHE ActiVia for Media is a highly optimized, Web-accessible solution for digital marketing and merchandising that combines STRATACACHE’s patented content delivery platform with state-of-the-art digital media technology. With multi-layering features, dynamic data sources, interactive capabilities and new audience measurement, ActiVia can manage the entire digital signage lifecycle for networks containing up to 250,000 concurrent devices.
ActiVia AM is being demonstrated in STRATACACHE booth #2365 at NRF and will be a feature option in the forthcoming release of ActiVia for Media 4.0.