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NRF: C-nario, YCD demo digital signage on Intel, Microsoft platform

C-nario and YCD Multimedia have announced their support for the Intel Core i7 Processor and the Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard¬†2011 digital signage platform, by basing digital signage solutions on the processor and platform this week at NRF. ¬† C-nario’s player will run on Intel Core i7 Processor, announced yesterday at NRF. This is Intel’s first 32 nanometer processor that integrates the graphics right into the processor’s package. The platform is validated with the Windows 7-based Windows Embedded Standard 2011. Windows Embedded Standard 2011 provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in retail, hospitality and other markets with Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Touch and other Microsoft technologies to deliver immersive user experiences and extend existing investments in technology management and infrastructure to specialized devices.
C-nario showcases the company’s platform supporting the Intel Core i7 processor, demonstrating a high impact video wall based on C-nario Messenger, which enables the display of 12 high definition channels using a single PC. Using Intel Core i7 processors, C-nario decreased the number of computers required to drive a video wall, thereby providing energy and cost savings to customers. In addition, the multiple output digital signage player can drive multiple discrete digital signage channels each including full high-definition video and additional layers. The video wall comprises 12 thin-bezel full HD Samsung screens.
YCD will also run its digital signage software, YCD|Player, on the Intel and Microsoft optimized digital signage platform. It will be demonstrated managing a multi-zone retail environment serving four individual channels of video output from a single processor PC.
“C-nario has successfully utilized the power of our Intel Core Processors to deliver energy and cost effective large format video walls that have been deployed at major airports, stock exchanges and retail venues,” said Jose Avalos, digital signage director at Intel’s Embedded and Communication Group. “With Intel Core processor-based digital media solutions, such as YCD’s media player and retailer-centric management platform, retailers can enhance the way consumers interact with digital signs in retail environments.”

digital signage on Intel, Microsoft platform