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Nihon Unisys to bring Provision 3D digital signage to Japanese retailers

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Provision Interactive Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Provision Holding Inc., announced that it has sold several of its 3D interactive retail products to Nihon Unisys, one of the leading providers of information technology and communications systems in Japan. The units will be tested in the Japanese retail marketplace immediately.

Nihon Unisys has ordered one 3DEO Reward Center kiosk and five HL40D products, which were delivered in January. Upon successful testing, Nihon Unisys will begin to duplicate the in-store marketing and couponing program developed by Provision for the U.S. retail marketplace. Nihon Unisys has already placed a second re-order this month to complement the products they’ve received in January. They’ve expanded their test to include Provision’s HL17 product as a digital signage platform in other areas beyond just the 3DEO program.

“Provision will be delivering a complete turnkey system,” said Provision chief executive Curt Thornton. “We believe Japan is a terrific market for this technology and Nihon Unisys is the perfect company to introduce this revolutionary system.”

Once the test program is completed successfully, Nihon Unisys projects the 3DEO program to be launched with several hundred systems throughout Japan.

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