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Nexcom launches new digital signage player to debut at ScreenMedia Expo in London.

Nexcom announced that it has launched a new digital signage player to debut at next month’s ScreenMedia Expo in London.
The PDS 1101 is a signage-ready media player aimed squarely at entry-level digital signage applications in environments such as retail, education, health care, entertainment and hospitality. The low-cost engine is equipped with an energy-efficient ARM-based application processor and features an ultra-compact footprint which can easily be integrated into the smallest of locations with minimal power consumption. For increased versatility, PDS 1101 is equipped with both VGA and HDMI outputs and content can be updated via CF card or remotely uploaded via network or wireless connection. More than just a slim-line, energy efficient media player, PDS 1101 is also equipped with Nexcom’s user-friendly PowerDigis digital signage Software making it one of the most cost-effective digital signage Solutions currently available on the market. By utilizing the PowerDigis Software, the platform can support single or dual display (cloned content) and a variety of file formats, including MPEG1/2, AVI, VOB, VC-1, H.264, SWF (flash), JPG, PNG as well as RSS news feed. In addition, the powerful software enables users to lay out presentations into multiple zones, format, preview, schedule and play dynamic digital signage content. Features of the software include a multilingual management interface, presentation management/scheduling, system event log, play/pause/stop function and system reboot/firmware upgrade. With onboard CPU, memory and digital signage Software, PDS 1101 is a superb low cost solution for a wide variety of entry-level digital signage applications such as bulletin board display, Nexcom says. PDS 1101 will be just one of the many products being displayed on the Nexcom booth at the Screen Media Europe Exhibition, May 5-6 at Earls Court in London.

digital signage player to debut at ScreenMedia Expo in London.