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New report details ROI for retail digital signage

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The digital signage Association has published “Retail digital signage ROI: Finding the break-even point,” an exclusive research report that uses real-world numbers to estimate ROI and benefits for various types of retail.

“The one question that gets asked about digital signage more than any other is, ‘What is this going to do for me?'” said James Bickers, editor of Retail Customer Experience and former editor of digital signage Today. “This report spells out the benefits with clear numerical data.”

About the report

It’s clear that digital signage has a positive impact on retail sales — but just how much of one is a matter of debate. Numerous studies have been commissioned and published, trying to determine the net effect dynamic signage will have on the average store’s sales.

In this report, we aim to provide a thumbnail estimate of that break-even point, for various types of retail. To do this, we created a fictional shopping center retailer, complete with a screen layout floor plan. We took that floor plan to 10 leading digital signage providers and had them price out a signage program. We averaged those numbers together, and then compared them to an average of the sales uplift figures and the ultimate impact on revenue.

You’ll see the assumptions we used, the prices we received and the results that follow when they’re all put together.

  • Learn about the costs — and the benefits — of deploying digital signage in your retail space.
  • Get a grip on ROI with actual numbers provided by actual digital signage vendors.
  • How much does your store stand to profit over time as a result of deploying screens? Pages of exclusive graphs tell the story.
  • Make the case for adding digital signage with research-based sales-lift data.
  • Gain insight into how digital signage works, and what specific benefits it brings, to specific retailer types.

Get your copy of the report here.

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