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New i Shelf 2 now hitting shelves (Video)

London-based digital signage display company i Display recently announced the launch of i Shelf 2, the latest version of the company’s interactive retail shelf display. The 7-inch digital shelf display now features a high resolution screen, has an extended battery life and includes a statistical usage data mechanism.

The company says the i Shelf 2 is a cost-effective, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain shelf display that enables retailers to engage, inform and educate their consumers while they are at the point of purchase. An attention grabbing flashing LED activation button attracts shoppers to click and view a movie, or audio JPEG slideshow, of the retailer’s product and promotional messages.

Designed to operate cable free and with the use of standard batteries the i Shelf fits onto multiple shelving configurations in the retail environment.

“We realized that marketers need a better understanding of the in-store campaign effectiveness so we designed a statistical information tool to allow them to receive and analyze customer usage,” i Display CEO Ariel Haroush said in the announcement. “In addition we extended the battery life, thus reducing point of sale operational costs. Furthermore, we added a high-resolution screen to improve the buyer’s shopping experience.”

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