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New eco-friendly 55-inch Philips display available from MMD

MMD, the exclusive marketer and reseller for Philips-branded LCD monitors and public signage displays worldwide, today announced the launch of their new, eco-friendly 55-inch public signage display, the BDL5530EL. With greatly reduced power consumption compared with standard CCFL based LCD displays, this new model is the first of several Philips-branded signage displays to be launched this year incorporating LED backlight technology.

With the global rethink on environmentally friendly electronics products alongside the demand for greater energy efficiency, LED displays offer many advantages over their traditional CCFL counterparts, the company said. With greatly reduced power consumption being the major benefit, LED displays are also lighter, thus making transportation costs lower, and also contain no mercury, making them less hazardous to the environment when recycling at the end of their life cycle.

“We are already renowned for offering a range of professional displays that consume the lowest amount of energy in standard brightness mode,” said Wilfred de Man, MMD’s sales and marketing director for EMEA, in the announcement, “but the primary focus of our product launches over the coming months will be on LED to maintain our commitment to a greener future.”

The new display comes with a host of connectivity options so that users can connect their media players and enjoy full high-definition quality video. Additionally, users can integrate a small form factor PC into the rear panel which has been designed to incorporate the Smart Insert, which offers space saving and excellent cable management. On top of that, power can be attached to the media player via the AC out port on the rear panel adding to the overall convenience.

Its slim bezel and high functionality make the BDL5530EL an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable LED display, which can be implemented into a video wall of up to 25 displays, with full HD image support and a host of video and audio connection choices, the company said. And because it has been designed for 24/7 use, it can be implemented in to a wide area of digital signage applications.

“This is an ideal low cost, high performance LED display,” de Man said. “It has all the functionality that you would expect from Philips coupled with substantial energy savings compared with a CCFL backlight.”

The Philips BDL5530EL is available from late August 2011 through all MMD business partners.