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New Avocent transmitter sends HD wirelessly up to 1,000 feet

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Avocent Corp. introduced a new model of the Emerge MPX extender, the MPX1500T high-definition multipoint extender transmitter, which wirelessly distributes HD content from a source to multiple destinations.

“Basically, the Avocent wireless system works like a long range video splitter without wires. It just works. The audio video quality and system reliability has far exceeded our expectations,” said Mike Reese of Ultimate AV. “In addition, Avocent’s Web-based management has saved us thousands of dollars by allowing us to troubleshoot issues over the Internet without needing to physically go to the customer’s site.”

The MPX1500T transmitter has added new functionality for centrally managing the MPX extender and attached devices over the Internet, such as turning displays on or off. The AV infrastructure created by the MPX extenders can be accessed centrally and controlled through a Web management interface. This latest version of the MPX extender expands the status information available, enabling not only general troubleshooting of connections, but more specific details to ensure uptime and reliability. AV and IT managers now can connect to each individual transmitter and receiver to reboot, update, adjust the luminance and chrominance, change the frequency the radio transmits and various other tuning parameters.

“Being able to drop in a complete system in a matter of minutes has been a key to the build out of our digital signage network. Without Avocent’s wireless system, installation normally could take hours or even days to deploy a single site,” said Ethen Cheramie of PetroTV. “The Avocent MPX has been extremely reliable even in our customers’ harsh outdoor environments.”

The MPX1500T transmitter has a universal media port based upon a digital video interface (DVI) connector. Supporting both digital and analog video signals allows the MPX to use DVI, HDMI or VGA signals. The MPX system works like a video splitter and a video extender by wirelessly delivering audio and video to multiple displays up to 1,000 feet away. The new MPX extender is dramatically smaller than the previous version, allowing for more flexible and convenient mounting options.