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Neoti launches Nomad mobile LED screen

BLUFFTON, Ind. — Neoti has introduced Northeast Indiana to its latest product, Nomad. Nomad is a nine-foot by 12-foot mobile LED screen that rises eight feet in the air and is housed and transported in a 20-foot trailer. The Nomad, powered by Neoti, can be taken nearly anywhere and is able to broadcast any type of signal from static images to live video “crowd cams” at sporting events. Nomad runs on its own diesel-powered generator for up to 28 hours.

Neoti owns three Nomads and uses them primarily for major festivals and high-traffic events such as the Three Rivers Festival and the Indianapolis 500. Festivals are encouraged to rent Nomad to highlight their event schedule and key sponsors. Neoti will also rent the Nomads to area businesses for daily rental.

“Nomad is our latest commitment to providing high-quality, low-cost community oriented advertising to our region,” says Matt Murray, director of sales. “We’re really excited about our partnership this year with the Three Rivers Festival and being able to provide use of the Nomad.”

Neoti is introducing Nomad to the Fort Wayne market in a roaming campaign this week.