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Neo to launch online booking platform for digital out-of-home

GENEVA, Switzerland — Neo Booking SA, a Neo Media Group company, is launching the first global online booking platform for digital-out-of-home advertising, called BookingDooH.
BookingDooh is a free virtual marketplace where digital-out-of-home operators and media buyers meet. Screen networks are referenced in an easy-to-use and friendly manner so that media buyers can plan, book and pay their future campaigns in a few clicks.
With the launch of the BookingDooH platform, digital-out-of-home advertising is entering a new era. BookingDooH will bring additional revenues to network advertisers and at the same time allow media buyers to drastically simplify the set up of their DooH campaigns. BookingDooH proposes thousands of screen displays on a single platform and organizes them by geographical location, type of venues and screen formats.
With BookingDooH, network operators are able to promote their DooH network throughout the world and collect additional advertisement revenues. Media buyers entering the BookingDooH platform discover a Google-like platform where thousands of DooH networks are on display.
“BookingDooH’s objective is to support the entire DooH market by proposing a user-friendly platform that brings together and harmonizes different types of DooH networks, with the ultimate aim of facilitating the planning and booking process of DooH campaigns,” said Christian Vaglio-Giors, founder and chief executive of Swiss Neo Media Group. “I am very excited about this initiative, which will help the institutionalization of digital-out-of-home and will allow network operators to collect additional ad revenues from their inventories.”