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NEC inks exclusive digital signage deal with leading South Korean retail group

NEC Corp. today announced an exclusive sales agreement for NEC’s PanelDirector series of digital signage solutions with Shinsegae I&C Co., Ltd., a system integrator and member of the Shinsegae Group, the largest retail business group in theRepublicofKorea.
The “PanelDirector: Visual Effect Measurement Solution” uses facial recognition technologies to automatically collect and analyze visitor information that must be manually entered and processed when using conventional systems, NEC says.
PanelDirector first selects a person’s image from a photo taken with the system’s camera, and then it estimates the person’s gender and age range, in addition to their distance from the display and amount of time they appear to express interest in the signage. The content’s “visual effect” may then be estimated, analyzed and displayed for a client’s reference, according to NEC.
Customer data from multiple store locations may be analyzed by a company’s headquarters for a wide variety of purposes, including marketing or communications tools for strategy and product planning. Furthermore, in consideration of personal information, privacy rights and portrait rights, the system only retains log data.
Under this agreement, Shinsegae I&C aims to deploy NEC’s Panel Director: Visual Effect Measurement Solution throughout domestic supermarkets, department stores, restaurant chains, shopping malls and more.
Shinsegae I&C also will provide system construction and ongoing support for digital signage services being implemented by service providers with data centers. Businesses that deploy these digital signage services have access to a broad range of benefits that include simple integration, large scale system construction, digital signage hardware, distribution platform services, network provision services, promotion/content support services, creation and operation of industry specific services, monthly rate services featuring solution menus catered to specific user needs and deployment of new technologies and services at a low initial investment cost.

digital signage deal with leading South Korean retail group