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Navori partner helps Swiss retailer with digital signage rollout

Navori International SA partner Nexgen is providing Gries Deco Holding(GDH) with a custom digital signage system powered by the Navori digital signage platform, according to a release from Navori. GDH operates a 138-unit retail furniture store chain called Depot with locations in Switzerland and Germany. Depot-Interio is the latest concept of the chain that merges elements from their traditional furniture outlets with in-store boutiques that will feature innovative home decor accessories. As part of the new concept store design, GDH contracted with Nexgen to deploy an innovative digital signage system centralized around three screens mounted in the wall behind the cash-desk area. The three screens are powered by a single PC running the Navori Player software and distinct content is played on each screen. This ability to drive multiple screens from a single device will help reduce costs significantly as the system is deployed across the entire chain, according to the release. Once the rollout is completed, the network will total more than 550 screens, making it a significant retail signage deployment. Content shown on each screen will be both marketing and service oriented. Messages will cover new products, special offers, services, payment options and more… The children’s department will also be fitted with a screen that will show short film clips to keep young ones entertained. Once the system is fully established, more screens may be added in the future as necessary. Nexgen selected the Navori software platform based on its flexibility, reliability and ease of use. Since the Navori software is designed in such a way that it can support any number of Players as screens are added, Nexgen felt comfortable recommending this solution to their customer. As GDH rolls out the system to more stores, they can add the new location to┬áthe Navori Server and manage all content and scheduling from a central location. Navori software can also be interfaced with a POS systems or react to external triggers, such as RFID via XML, the company says.

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