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National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Adopts CAYIN digital signage

National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, one of the most well-known sightseeing spots and multifunctional centers in Taipei, Taiwan, has replaced most of its traditional bulletin boards with CAYIN Technology’s digital signage solutions to improve communication efficiency with visitors and activity participants.

Eleven of CAYIN’s SMP-WEB media players (SMP-WEBPLUS & SMP-WEBPLUS-T) together with 42-inch LCD screens, are included in this deployment. SMP-WEBPLUS media players are installed in audio-visual rooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls, showing details of ongoing or future events, the current time, weather, meeting/activity schedules and a brief introduction of the Memorial Hall either by video or by ticker texts.

An interactive public-information system is also one of the major enhancements for Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. SMP-WEBPLUS-T, the touchscreen-enabled digital signage player, is arranged in the lobby to increase interactivities. Visitors can find their destination within just a few seconds by a simple click on the touchscreen showing floor plans and guiding information.

SMP-WEB series players possess great flexibility for multimedia presentations and can be easily integrated with various applications. To present content richness, administrators of Memorial Hall dedicatedly designed the Web page layout aiming to present more unique and vivid multimedia images. xPost, the specially designed application software for hotels and convention centers, can also be applied with SMP-WEB series players to display weather information, meeting schedules, wayfinding information and promotional messages.

To manage all media players effectively and simultaneously, the Memorial Hall also purchased one CMS-Mini, the content-management server. Data can be updated and synchronized to all players at one time through central scheduling from the server. Furthermore, SuperMonitor, the advanced management software, collaborates with CMS server to monitor the live status of all players, ensuring steady operation. SuperReporter also assists administrators in generating players’ playback and system status reports.

The construction of the digital signage system not only allows information to be transmitted to visitors quickly and correctly but also benefits administrators by way of lower personnel costs and more convenience on billboard maintenance, such as information updates.

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