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National Datacast announces 'MediaWrap' transcoding, reformatting service

National Datacast Inc., a commercial subsidiary of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), has announced its “MediaWrap” service for transcoding and reformatting of media files used in digital signage and digital place-based media networks.
The service enables the re-application of media files on individual or multiple networks while simplifying advertising campaign placement, the company says.

The “MediaWrap” service is available to advertisers, agencies and network operators to reduce the cost and complexity of media recomposition for advertising campaigns. The broad range of media file reformatting and transcoding capabilities available through National Datacast allows “one stop shopping.” The high definition and production grade quality of reformatting equipment allows media files to be transferred to new formats quickly and with minimal erosion, if any, of definition, resolution and color correctness. The result is a better quality of media file for place-based network and display presentation.

The wide range of media formats and resolutions used in digital signage networks can add to the cost and complexity of ad placement. The National Datacast approach enables digital signage advertising commerce to be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively.

National Datacast, a nationwide content delivery network, is teaming with the PBS Media Operations Center (MOC) to offer the “MediaWrap” service by combining National Datacast’s cost-effective digital signage content management and delivery capabilities with the MOC’s vast professional broadcast industry experience in transcoding and reformatting for multiple media platforms.

The “MediaWrap” service uses the MOC state-of-the-art technical facilities and experienced staff that currently provide similar services for various PBS video requirements.¬†The service¬†initially consists of ingest, media processing and transcoding along with file transfer to the customer.
The company says it soon will also offer other MOC media file capabilities expected to be of value to the digital signage industry, including workflow management, multiplatform transcoding, storage management, metadata indexing, and file-based ingestion into a scalable, extensible, grid based, fully redundant transcoding solution that manages the media transformation life cycle for projects of any size.