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NAB: STRATACACHE to highlight OmniCast, ActiVia for Media

DAYTON, Ohio — STRATACACHE, a provider of scalable, high-speed data delivery solutions for the content distribution and digital media industries, returns to Las Vegas this month to participate in the 2009 NAB Show. STRATACACHE will spotlight ActiVia, its award-winning digital media management and control platform, and OmniCast, its recently upgraded solution for reliable, efficient digital media distribution.

STRATACACHE’s ActiVia for Media is a digital signage solution for digital marketing and merchandising that combines STRATACACHE’s patented content delivery platform with state-of-the-art digital media technology. With ActiVia for Media, enterprises can deliver dynamic, rich media and video directly to any remote location. ActiVia for Media IP-BTV can also be leveraged to deliver business video, corporate communications, distant learning and mission-critical information direct to employees, cutting through the clutter of layers of management.

ActiVia eCDN is a powerful, centralized tool that not only distributes content reliably and efficiently but also provides ongoing edge appliance management. For distribution, ActiVia utilizes the proven OmniCast content distribution engine to deliver power with a user-friendly interface.

OmniCast will also be showcased at NAB. OmniCast, STRATACACHE’s robust content distribution software, is capable of distributing very large digital files in any format with reliable delivery. OmniCast’s award-winning, “one-to-many” media distribution system can securely and efficiently move media at up to 500Mb/s across satellite, terrestrial, wireless or hybrid networks. With reliable and confirmed file transfer, content distributors can be confident that every bit of media has been successfully and cost-effectively delivered to as many as 100,000 endpoints.