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NAB: Harris Corp. introduces digital signage business management solution to broadcasters

LAS VEGAS — Harris Corp., an international communications and information technology company, is showing Punctuate, a software solution for digital signage that manages the scheduling and placement of advertising and promotional content, at the 2009 NAB Show. The first business management solution to provide total inventory control across single networks, multiple networks and for each individual sign, Punctuate allows broadcasters to create and operate profitable, scalable digital signage networks and provides new opportunities to generate revenue as advertisers shift investments to new mediums.
“Digital out-of-home networks offer tangible benefits in audience reach and message targeting for advertisers and network owners — an attractive proposition for broadcasters and local stations seeking to fill revenue gaps through new mediums,” said Harris Morris, vice president and general manager, Media and Workflow, Harris Broadcast Communications. “Broadcasters can identify opportunities on a national basis or in local markets by partnering with existing digital signage networks for combined advertising buys, or install and operate their own digital signage networks. The relationships that broadcasters have with local businesses and advertisers are ideal to aggregate signs, sell, schedule and distribute advertising to those signs alongside informational, educational or entertaining content to draw viewer interest.”
Punctuate is a suite of flexible, Web-based tools that enable automatic targeting of precise messages to specific signs across a multipoint out-of-home network. Broadcasters using Punctuate with Harris InfoCaster in a Harris digital signage solution can repurpose their content and place advertising based on the location of the sign, time of day, audience demographic and other user-defined attributes. Punctuate is a key enabler of new revenue streams in digital signage networks and, when combined with InfoCaster systems for content creation and playback, gives broadcasters a very powerful set of integrated, scalable tools to build stronger brands.
The highly automated Punctuate tool set is capable of scheduling increased amounts of content as digital signage networks expand, without the need for broadcasters to add more staff to support the operation. In addition, unlike other digital signage solutions that are only able to run a loop of continuous content across a single network, Punctuate can tag signs with attributes and point a message directly to a group of displays based on similar attributes across the network.
Unique in the market, Punctuate supports digital signage by bringing together two significant functions: automatic content placement and accurate business management. Intelligent, automatic content placement allows network operators to capture the attention of a specific audience by scheduling content based on display attributes that finely target the appropriate consumers. Punctuate provides accurate business management through a number of empowering tools including inventory control, invoicing, user-defined rate cards for automatic ad pricing, campaign management, content approval and cross-network media buys for national advertising campaigns.
Harris Broadcast Communications offers products, systems and services that provide interoperable workflow solutions for broadcast, cable, satellite and out-of-home networks. The Harris ONE solution brings together highly integrated and cost-effective products that enable advanced media workflows for emerging content delivery business models.

digital signage business management solution to broadcasters