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MvixUSA launches digital signage kit aimed at low price point

CHANTILLY, Va. — Mvix(USA) Inc., a provider of high-definition business signage solutions and networked accessible storage (NAS) devices, has announced the launch of the MvixDS Kit (Model DS-100), a comprehensive solution for digital signage. MvixDS integrates the functionality of high-def media playback and network capability for digital signage applications for businesses and public places.
“In an era dominated by digital billboards and signage for out-of-home advertising and marketing, we are excited to bring in this unique business solution at an extremely affordable price,” said Mike Mallon, the business development manager of Mvix(USA). “We’ve combined our award-winning hi-def media playback technology with the network capability that empowers users to remotely control the displays in a local area network.”
Operationally, the MvixDS Kit works via a combination of a DLNA-compliant HD media player (or renderer) and a PC-based control portal. Media files can be stored on the control point or on the HD Media Player. The signage control portal (a Windows PC application) enables scheduling and remote control media playback; the media player decodes and renders it to the display screen (plasma or LCD). The signage control portal works like a remote controller over LAN to monitor/schedule playback in real time and is capable of managing multiple players (or renderers) simultaneously. MvixDS control portal also allows the user to create playlists and schedule their delivery.
The Mvix media player takes advantage of the cutting-edge video decoding technologies and the high resolution audio specifications to render hi-def video playback on large LCDs. It offers multiple connectivity options for ease of use with other computing systems and digital displays. MvixDS DS-100 signage solution is capable of 720p video output and supports all popular media formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX3.11/4, 5, XviD, WMV9, etc.

digital signage kit aimed at low price point