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MvixUSA intros digital signage for small, medium businesses

CHANTILLY, Va. — MvixUSA Inc., provider of high-definition video playback systems, has announced the launch of its branded digital signage solution, the Mvix DS Kit. Targeted specifically for small to medium business owners, Mvix DS Kit comes with the Mvix MV-5000R media player, upgraded with Mvixmatic timer for auto-run/auto-power features and a pre-installed hard disk of 250GB.
The Mvix media player takes advantage of the Sigma chipset, including visual quality supported by video decoding technologies, high-resolution audio specs and multiple options for connectivity to digital displays.
The kit is designed to allow business owners and advertisers to preserve their ROI and save on the operational and training costs required for high-end signage systems. Mvix DS Kit comes without any extra cost of legacy configuration and replacement.
Mvix is also offering services in customizing multimedia content for the digital signage systems that can come pre-loaded on the installed hard disk. The contents vary from slideshows to high-def videos and multimedia presentations.

digital signage for small, medium businesses