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MRI displays outfit SignPost MARTA digital signage

SignPost Networks, the advertising company for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has begun the initial rollout of 25 outdoor 57-inch High-Bright LCD displays from MRI in Atlanta’s busiest transit stations, according to a release today from MRI.
The full-HD, LED-backlit LCDs from MRI offer more clarity, brightness and revenue opportunities than the low-resolution LED signs that are currently operation, and the decision for transition came after SignPost received numerous requests from advertising clients, MRI says.
“Advertisers were seeking full color, higher resolution displays,” said Matt McClain, SignPost Networks’ senior project manager. “This [LCD] format makes it very easy for us to work with clients using existing content or other creative assets.”
MARTA currently has 140-plus LED screens, operated by SignPost Networks throughout their 38 rail stations. The displays reach and engage more than 300,000 people every week, and with a transition to MRI’s outdoor digital displays, SignPost is hoping to significantly increase the impact on viewers.
“We anticipate easier and quicker sales cycles, better results for clients, and greater appeal for national advertisers,” McClain said.
MRI’s BoldVu 57-inch UMDs (universal mount displays), were installed in the first quarter of 2010. Each BoldVu Display is built for direct outdoor use and features MRI’s exclusive LED backlight technology, BrightVu, which displays commuter information and advertising content at a true 2000-nit luminance. Included in the display rollout are some of MRI’s other patent-pending features, such as SRF, their solar rejection film that rejects 50 percent of the sun load, and CoolVu, MRI’s thermal management system that allows for use in +50 °C (+122 °F) temperatures.
“We have had the opportunity to place thousands of displays on a global basis, but, by partnering with SignPost Networks and MARTA, we are able to showcase our work in our own backyard,” said Peter Kaszycki, MRI’s vice president, business development. “Working with SignPost has been a rewarding experience, and the feedback we have gotten so far has been extremely positive.”
McClain said he expects to work with MRI in the future on additional expansions to MARTA’s digital signage network.
“We looked at many different displays. We went with MRI because we felt their displays were by far the best fit in a rugged outdoor/transit environment,” he said. “MRI’s double airflow system is perfect to keep the LCD glass and electrical components clean in such a harsh environment.”
And the feedback so far has been positive, he said.
“The program is still very new, but advertisers who have seen it are very impressed,” McClain said. “There is no doubt that the full color displays are an amenity that will improve the rider experience. The new displays are better able to showcase train arrivals and other important information.”

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