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MRI announces digital signage field service features

ATLANTA, Ga. — Manufacturing Resources International Inc. (MRI) has announced a new product feature that makes in-field servicing of high-definition liquid crystal digital displays more convenient and less disruptive to operations. Designed for use with MRI’s line of BoldVu Displays ranging from 32- to 82-inches diagonal, the new patent-pending SAM (Service Access Module) allows for in-field servicing of critical components without the need to remove the display from its mounting position.
The SAM Service Access Module has been developed by MRI in response to growing customer demands to be able to troubleshoot and repair common component failures via slide-out service modules that contain digital controllers, power supplies, interface boards, etc.
The benefit of this new “works-in-a-drawer” feature is that operating costs and field service expenses are dramatically reduced and the logistics of removing and then replacing the entire display is eliminated. This is of particular interest to customers that have digital displays installed in high-traffic public areas where access times are limited and the costs associated with removal and re-mounting of the displays are prohibitive.

digital signage field service features