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Minicom books digital signage reps in Turkey

JERUSALEM, Israel — Minicom Advanced Systems, a world leader in digital signage player-to-screen connectivity and KVM control solutions, has selected Saben as its exclusive representative in Turkey.
Saben is a petroleum and technical equipments group that was founded in 1953. Saben took place in the toy sector of the 80s by establishing Intertoy and then selling the company to the toy giant Hasbro. Saben is currently involved in the digital signage and IT markets and owns a digital signage company calledDigiboard.
We have seen some impressive installations of our digital signage products by Digiboard in Turkey and have decided to deepen our relationship with them,” said Ronni Guggenheim, president, Minicom Europe. “This is thanks to their established track record in sales, integration, client service and retention. Their understanding of the Turkish market is excellent and commitment levels are very high. This fits into our long-term commitment to the Turkish market, which is strategic for us.”    “Saben’s belief is that the future of communication will be Internet and digital signage. We also believe that in today’s networked world KVM systems are an essential part of IT infrastructures,” said Bahar Erduran, marketing communications coordinator of Digiboard. “The increasing demand and investments in the IT sector leads us to be a part of this sector. With Minicom’s state-of-the-art products, innovative approach and worldwide reliable name it is the best choice for Saben to become a partner to fulfill all the needs of the Turkish digital signage and IT markets.”

digital signage reps in Turkey